Maine Coon Ypsilon Clan's Yleya 12 (8)


The Ypsilon Clan’s Yleya
Born: 4-8-2008
Color: Blue tortie silver tabby blotched & white

Inbreeding complete: 10,4%         Top 5: 67,6%          Clones: 26,4%



FiV/VeLV                       16-07-2013         negatief
26-6-2014           negatief

Patella Luxation      27-07-2010          negatief
HCM/PKD                     05-07-2013          negatief
HCM dna 1e mut.                                       negatief tested parents


Yleya is a daughter of The Upsilon Clan’s Yleya and Estevan of Pine Tree. Yleya is the last  cat in the bloodline of Yakima of the Moxie Clan (my first Coon and matriarch of the Clan cats).  I really want another litter with her and keep a daughter, so I will be able to continue this bloodline. Yleya is a lovely lady, very pretty and very affectionate, she likes to hug and a is a very caring mother for her kittens.