Maine Coon Ypsilon Clan's Yentl 12 (4)




The Ypsilon Clan’s Yentl
Born 6-11-2008
Color: Black tortie silver tabby mackerel & white

Inbreeding complete:  6,24%            Top5: 55%           Clones:20,7%

Yentl is the daughter of Sweet Rialto Irisisteble Ice (Sista) and Estevan of Pine Tree (Stef). Unfortunately  Sista died when Yentl was two weeks old and I had to take over. Therefore she is very focused on me, but actually very cuddly towards everyone . She only hasn’t had a good mother-example and that was evident when she had her first, and therefore, also her last litter.  She was a sweet, but very uncertain, mother.  Her daughter Bastet continues the bloodline and Yentl’s  is in her role as a grandmother much more convincing.