penny 12-6-2015 (1)a


Pancha of the Aroostook  



Born : 08-09-2014                                                                                                                         pedigree
Color: Black tortie tabby blotched  & white                       

 Inbreeding complete: 10,6 %       Top 5: 65,3 %          clones: 28,2 %


Fiv/VeLV   :                  15-7-2016                       negative
Patella luxatie   :       15-7-2016                       negative
HCM :                              15-7-2016                       negative
PKD  :                              15-7-2016                       negative

After Yleya  had decided that she wouldn’t become kittens any more I needed new blood for the cattery. And I found Penny. A beautiful build girl. She is pritty but she also is a lady who exactly knows what she wants .. and doesn’t want , but she is also a cuddle who wants to be close to you as often as possible. So she has everything to become a real Clan member