Onyx 4-4-2017 (2)


Name ; Onyx
name; Gladür’S  Paint it black
born; 31-08-2016
color: Black

Inbreeding complete: 13,1%       Top 5: 72,4%          Clones: 32,3%



Tests: Onyx isn’t tested yet.. The parents are …. all negative

Patella luxatie

Onyx  comes from a pally cattery . Chinouk,  a female kitten from my very first litter moved to cattery Gladür.  Now, years and years later,  this male kitten is moving back from cattery Gladür to the Ypsilon Clan. Onyx is a great kitten. A playful and lovable male, out off very nice breeding lines . He is  growing  fast and I hope he will become a nice, not an extreme  type, Tomcat.  20 Years ago I chose for Maine Coons  because of their appearance and their character. I hope Onyx  will pass on this (now called classical) beautiful appearance and sweet and friendly nature , to his future offspring.