Maine Coon Ypsilon Clan's Bastet 13 (7)


The Ypsilon Clan’s Bastet
Born: 18-11-2010
Color: White ( Odd Eyed)

Inbreeding complete: 10,2%       Top 5: 65,1%          Clones: 29,9%



Fiv/VeLV                         25-7-2012              negatief
26-6-2014              negatief

Patella luxation          27-7-2012              negatief
HCM/PKD                       20-7-2012               negatief
HCM dna 1e mut.                                          negatief tested parents
BEAR                                3-2-2011                 100% hearing both ears       


Bastet is a daughter of The Ypsilon Clan’s Yentl and Purgatory’s  Rainman.  She is a very nicely build Coon, and with her two different colored eyes,  she has a very distinct look. Bastet is a very affectionate cat who loves to get attention.  She is always nearby for a quick hug  and when I start working, nearby isn’t  enough for her, she prefers to lay on top op of my paperwork.  She is also a caring,  balanced mother for her kittens.