Maine Coon Ypsilon Clan Simon Lycos

About us

The Ypsilon Clan is located in Hengelo, a town of 80.000 inhabitants in the heart of  the county called Twente, close to the German border

The interest in the Maine Coon originated in the 90s of the last century, and in 1997, the two sisters,  Yakima and Yazoo  of the Moxie-Clan  did their entry Maine Coon Ypsilon Clan Yakima

Yakima became the matriarch of The Ypsilon Clan. Look at het name and the origin of the cattery name is immediately clear.  At first it was not really meant to start breeding, but after the first litter in 2000, I was hooked. I kept a kitten out of  that litter (Ysis) and the ”Coonvirus” turned inexorably to have struck.

I’m not a fan of cat shows, so you will not see me there. The Clan ofspring does it generally well at shows and that is always pleasant to hear of cource. Also, I am not in favor of big, bigger, biggest breeding. In the Clan, the focus is sent lines, good proportions, beautiful appearance and social cats.